The American Diabetes Association recommends that if you have foot pain, a thick callus, or a change in foot shape that prevents you from walking normally, you’ll want to consider wearing orthotics.

Sometimes people have knee, hip, or lower back pain because of poor biomechanics in their feet and legs. They are great candidates for orthotics too.

If you feel pain in your feet, or if your feet feel or look to be in an incorrect position as you walk; you should have your feet evaluated by a professional. Orthotics are designed to fit the unique shape of your feet and to stabilize them in your shoes so your feet can work normally. If you have a foot deformity and poor sensation or circulation, orthotics can help keep your feet healthy.

Discuss your options with Dr. Petrie today. To receive medically corrective foot orthotics, you must have a prescription from Dr. Petrie or another health care professional.